Ranch-raised beef

Cow share packages are available seasonally; buy a quarter, half or whole steer and get a low per pound price to stock up your freezer. Our beef is always free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

We also sometimes have USDA inspected beef available by the cut, you can get on our mailing list to keep updated. We can deliver locally to the Oakhurst and Fresno areas.

Wagyu beef gives all of your recipes a richer flavor and deeper level of palate sophistication. The greater intramuscular fat content makes it tender and delicate. Make sure you use 25% less heat and 25% less time while cooking. Wagyu fat melts at a lower temperature than conventional beef fat, and cooking it quickly will prevent the fat from running out, and preserve the richness and juiciness.

Wagyu beef contains a higher level of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than the normal commodity beef you will find in a grocery store. This is particularly true when the beef is grass-finished, and eats only forage through its lifetime. Grass-finished beef has a more mineral-rich and wild flavor, and is leaner than grain-finished.

We harvest both grass and grain finished steers each year, and you can work with our butcher to have your order cut the way you want it. Some customers prefer to have only the prime steaks and the rest ground into hamburger, while others choose a wider variety of steaks, roasts, soup bones and organ meats.